Personalized URLs (PURLs)
PURLs are a cool way to use direct mail to drive recipients
to the Internet. Through the use of personalized landing pages,
PURLs can collect information about each respondent and deliver
real-time information to help you measure and analyze your
campaigns success.

CrossTech is ready to help you apply this technology
to your next campaign.

Ready to Give PURLs a Try?
The links below will give you some additional information
that you might find useful.

PURL Presentation (PDF)

Campaign Brief (PDF)

"Opening Day 2009" Campaign

Direct mail campaign to promote the
use of PURLs. Tied in to the start of the
baseball season. Mailed 1,000 brochures
each personalized with a PURL. Respondents
given a chance to win tickets to see the
Cubs vs. the White Sox.

10% of recipients followed their PURL
and entered the contest. Click here to read
more about the success of the campaign.

Click on the image to see the entire
mailer in PDF.